Friday, February 28, 2014

The wild Wild West

I chose this book because it had a cool title.This book took place in a city called Cactus City.The city was full of mice.The city was like a desert.The main characters were Germonimo,Bessie,Mick Musle Mouse,and the evil gun mouse.At the begginng Germonimo was a scardy mouse,but by the end he got it together.I would tell the ending,but I don't want to spool it.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The characters that were in the story were mr.Stilton,Mick,trap,Bessie,Wiked Wiskers the under Tacker and Benjamin.

So I've read about Cactus city.It is a city full of rats.It is like the wild Wild West .It has cowboy rats and bully rats.There is a rat that likes to go to the Salon.Bessie and gun men came and so rounded Germonio.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Play

Today my class had to act out a poem with 3 poeple in our group but we had4 Joel,Malik,and Cavarious were in my group.At first we did not know what to do.But later we figured it out.We first chose Malik to be our narrator. Then we chose Joel to be Santa and I had to be the little reindeer.Last but not least Cavarious was the dancing snowman.Before we paformed we had to practice a lot so Joel had to get two landers and hit me with them.After that we performed our play.We did really good but Cavarious  up a lot on his dancing so I got on to him after the play.

The End

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The greatness of Glorious Summer

Summer is my favorite time of year because we have no school and it is really hot in the summer.Sence it is really hot in the summer I get to go swimming and I love going swimming.Usaly when I go swimming I go with my cousins.Another reason I like is because we have no school!At all.When we have no school it really fun!My friends like summer and you should to. :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Saturdays Glory

My favorite day of the week is Saturday because I have football games on Saturday and after my football games I go home and put on clean cloths.This is also known as relaxing.Every Saturday when my football team has games we usaly win we only lost 3times out of thirteen games.After all the drama in football I go home and relax.To my relaxing means laying in my bed,eating,and watching tv.Plus we don't have school!This explains why Saturday is my favorite day of the week.What is yours?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The One and Only Ivan

Ivan is a gorilla.He is a sliver back gorilla.He lives in a mall in domain with some other animals.One animal is a elephant named Stella,a dog named Bob,and another dog named snickers.Their all very calm and nice.Ivan and Julia both like to draw the are artists.They all want to live in a zoo so they could have more room to move.Twordes the end of the of the story the mall got a new pet and it was a elephant named Ruby.So far the zone of this book is going good.

This book is really good.It is similar to a story called King Kong because they both have gorillas in the story.The are different because one book talks about only a gorilla and the other talks about a lots of animals.The characters Ivan and Julia are the same because they both like to draw carton pictures.I really like this book is interesting to me and some other people I hope we can read a book like The One and Only Ivan.Wouldent you?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Frogs

In our class room we have frogs that are amphibians.We had to name them,so I named my frog Marquis, somebody else named there's Ginga,and Sparkle.We keep them in a plastic  bucket with holes in it so they can breath air.Our group has three frogs to take care of. There is also 4 habitats. Each table has there own habitat to take care of.Our table also takes turns feeding the frogs.

I have observed :
1. I have observed that the frogs breath air.
2.I also observed that we have to feed our frogs at less one time a day.
3.The frogs like to hide when they think that you are going to heart them.
4.The frogs eat little tiny brown pebbles.